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3 Ply Masks (Packs of 50)

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Product Details:

Fluid resistant, comfortable, & hypoallergenic. 
95%+  filtration.
Latex free.
50 pieces per box.
Adaptable nose bar for better fitting. 
CE Certified 
BFE Tested 
EN 1492001

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MHRA Licensed Wholesaler

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What is a 3 ply mask?

The masks work by creating a barrier between the respiratory system (nose and mouth) of the wearer, and the immediate environment. This includes any other person in that environment, that may need protecting.

What does a 3 ply mask look like?

They are disposable masks that fits loosely and normally ties around the back of the head or has loops designed to go over the ears to keep the mask on the wearers face.

They they are multi-layered and rectangle in shape, rather than specifically shaped to the face. This is because the masks are disposable, and are not designed to create a perfect seal around the nose and mouth.

What's the difference between 3 ply masks and Type IIR surgical masks?

3 ply masks are made with 3 layers of fabric to protect the nose and mouth.

Type IIR masks are a European standard and the R means that they are fluid resistant. This kind of mask offers further protection than a standard mask as they block potentially-infected droplets from entering the respiratory system.

What's the difference between a 3 ply face mask and a respirator mask?

A surgical mask is disposable and loose-fitting and when fitted properly, they help to block large droplets, sprays or splashes (which may be contaminated) from reaching the wearer's mouth or nose. They also remind the wearer not the touch their nose or mouth, which is a common way in which viruses (like coronavirus) and bacteria are spread (from touching contaminated surfaces).

However, they do not filter the air of small particles (such as the ones transmitted by a cough or a sneeze) and their loose fit also means that their protection against germs is weaker than a more fitted mask.

Respirator masks, on the other hand, are designed to protect the wearer from inhaling even small particles. They are normally more fitted to the face, creating a seal from germs and other pollutants. They are based on a grading system to indicate how much protection they offer.

FFP2 (N95 equivalent) masks offer an assigned protection factor (APF) of 10. They are also available to purchase from Unit 10 Distribution.

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